Art Goings On...

Digital 3d solid model proposal image showing early evening view of 
entrance arch & sign proposal
Proposal sketch for Entrance Arch detail illustration I did with 
gabion inspired supports

The above cast concrete, glass & steel sculpture was selected 
as the "People's Choice Purchase Award" for 
It is now part of the city's permanent collection.
Solar powered night time illumination

Above: Cast concrete w/ granite & Stainless Steel Benches

Below are a couple 3d solid design digital images 
of an alternate concept for this space. The shade structure
 eventually was not used in preference for the above version

Additional 3d solid modeling computer sketch I did to
generate shadow casting results.

As the Artist member of a Design Team for the 
“The North Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum's LID Design Competition”
I created design elements & digital images of our LID proposal for
a large Dallas area street renewal project.
The above image was the cover element of my sculptural gateway
proposal and detail shots. The night time rendition was my illustration.
The above computer generated 3d solid modeling designs & illustrations
were created by me to show potential bus shelter designs with 
artistic elements & possible signage concepts.  

The above temporary installation was placed on the side of a
 pedestrian & vehicle bridge. The lights were directed to shine 
through steel "cut-out" shapes  which resulted in the 
shadows as shown in the photos.

My donated designed & fabricated display stand
for the City of Redmond, OR. via the 
Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places.
Two dimensional artists will have enlargement prints
(5' x 5') of their artworks made on 
ACM (aluminum composite board material)
Artworks will be rotated out every 12 months for 
new temporary artwork prints. 
Dedication date: December 2023.

Low wall relief proposal showing abstracted
"flames, water, & ladders" to be fabricated
from Stainless steel.
Digital view from side angle of Proposed wall relief sculpture