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I do not know which to prefer, The beauty of inflections, Or the beauty of innuendos, The Blackbird whistling, Or just after.              Wallace Stevens



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Art in Public Places Projects

· “The North Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum's LID Design Competition”, Artist member of design team, reached finalist stage 2012. I worked with other team members to devise the overall concept and as the artist member of the team I developed designs for a sculptural gateway element, signage, benches, paving treatments, and bus shelters. These elements all heavily incorporated recycled/reclaimed materials fitting into the base concept of the entire project. Design team consisted of team members from Walter P. Moore Engineering, VRX Engineering, StudioOutside Landscape Architecture and myself.

· “El Paso Battan Trainway Bridge” City of El Paso, TX 2013.   Recycled Stainless steel elements for 100’ x 78” tall Bridge rail treatment.  Scheduled Installation 2013.

· Saginaw Food Shelter Saginaw, TX.  In design phase. Work to be approximately 7’ diameter cast concrete with recycled, reclaimed stainless elements formed as an entryway paving circle. A Mission statement will be conveyed via recycled stainless steel screw heads and bolt heads spelling out the letters in cast concrete and granite.  Completion date: 2013/2014 Budget is pro bono work by artist.

· “FireStation #39” City of Dallas, TX 2012.  Small Stainless Steel sculpture over entryway  of Station.

 “Farmers Market Bench Project” City of Dallas, TX 2009 Two cast concrete with polished granite and Stainless Steel benches. Seat backs of stainless steel convey plant and tree branching.

 “FireStation #42” Dallas Texas , art in public places project 2009. Linear Stainless Steel “Frieze” 55’ x 55”x 6” . Artwork depicts abstracted views of elements of the firefighting process.

 "CaƱon de Los Amigos" at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, CO. 1998, is a water feature project which involved the design and fabrication of a stainless steel, cast granite, fiberoptic and water sculpture Project budget $117,000.

 "Maxey Park Lake Kinetic Wind Sculpture" This public art project in Lubbock, TX was placed 75' out in Maxey Park lake. The wind driven sculpture is made of aluminum, steel, concrete, paint and lights 1992 Project budget $85,000.

 "Vandeventer Overpass" For the St. Louis Bi-State Development District's Art in Transit Program. 1991. This project included the design, fabrication, and installation of an eighty-eight foot reflected light sculpture along a freeway overpass. It signaled the arrival of rapid transit to the St. Louis region.

 The "Massachusetts Ave. Station" art in public places project for the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority in Boston was placed in the glass vaulted transit station as part of the new Orange Line.

 "Boettcher Concert Hall Lobby" the large suspended sculpture is located at the concert hall in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts complex. The award winning permanent installation utilizes reflected light and color to bring vibrancy to the building.

 “Ice Installation” 1998. Anderson Ranch Arts Center Visiting Artist Project (Grant recipient) Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado. Fiberoptics, steel, and ice. 13’ x 60’ x 75’. Installation used steel armature with fiber optic cable and end lighting. Water was sprayed over these elements during sub-freezing temperatures. Opaque ice was created by spraying during snow storms, clear ice during clear weather. Lighting color changed either randomly or could be viewer controlled by four different fixtures with 8 individual colors each. The slow changing color made the installation appear to be alive/living.

“Art Moves” 1995. Aluminum, wood, paint. 6’-6” x 360’ x 12”. New Forms Grant Project. Reflected light and color. Colored light seen by the observer is only reflected light bounced off of a pigmented surface hidden to the viewer. What is seen is light and not pigmented paint. Work meant to convey that art moves intellectually, emotionally and even physically.

 “Milestone Building” 1985. Denver Tech Center. Aluminum, cable, paint. 14’ x 4’ x 10’.

 “Rainbow Bridge #2” S. E. Utah. Wood, canvas, paint. 11’ x 14’ x 16’. 2yr. Installation.

 “Clara Hatton Gallery” Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado. Wood, paint, lights. 11’ x26’ x 37’.Temporary installation

 “10 on 16th” Denver Mayor's Commission for the Arts. Exterior Temporary installation. Aluminum and paint.

Fellowships / Grants / Awards

· 1998 Grant to Artists and Organizations through the Colorado Council on the Arts,
· 1998 Open Studio Program recipient (funded by the Benton Foundation & Colorado Arts Council)
· 1998 Matching grant from the Western States Arts Federation
· 1997 First recipient of an Anderson Ranch Art Center (Aspen/Snowmass) visiting artist project grant
· 1996 CoVisions grant through the Colorado Council on the Arts.
· 1995 New Forms Regional Initiative Grant (funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Andy Warhol Foundation)
· 1995 Hewlett-Packard Company Award of Merit for Computer Generated 3-d Graphic Images.
· 1995 Hewlett-Packard Company Recipient of an HP Unix Workstation Computer (gifted) A collaborative relationship with HP to create public art projects using computer based design.
· 1992 Creative Arts Fellowship recognizing excellence in the visual arts from the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities.
· 1992 grant from the Connemara Conservancy Foundation in the Dallas, Texas area.
· The only non-architect award recipient for the annual Downtown Denver Incorporated Award of Merit For the Boettcher Concert Hall sculpture.
· 1992 NICAF publication (book) for the International Contemporary Art Fair in Yokohama, Japan.

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