BOETTCHER CONCERT HALL, Denver Center for the Performing Arts: . 22’ x 26’ x7” Light (natural and/or "fixture" created strikes the colored/painted surface and is reflected onto a white surface, resulting in an evanescent display of diffuse light, color and pattern that mimics the surrounding architecture.

View from interior of Concert Hall lobby shows the reflected color. Without light hitting the hidden, painted surfaces the view would only be the white of the panels that face towards the interior.  You are seeing light, not colored paint here.

In this night shot you can see the reflected color on the sculpture and in the reflection on the glass you can see the "source" side of the panels with their acrylic colored painted surfaces

View facing the exterior shows the "source" colored acrylic painted surfaces of the panels. Light strikes off of these surfaces and is bounced/reflected unto the hidden from view, interior white panels, resulting in an evanescent glow as seen from the interior.

Overhead view from the parking garage

View from second story lobby looking down at sculpture. Again showing the reflected color in the piece with the source color shown in the reflection on the glass behind.

Construction phase: welding support system to the new facility.

The painted acrylic panels in studio

Maquette of the proposal concept